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CA.VE.CO. - Our Services


  • Packaging development
  • Advice in matters of product shelf-life.
  • Consulting on questions regarding shelf-life of the product
  • Consulting on questions regarding films and trays material
  • Contact with film and tray manufacturers
  • Packaging exactly tailored to the product
  • System design depending on the customer’s needs and available space, too.
  • Quality control on materials used by our suppliers for raw materials


  • Free training of the customer’s staff who are meant to operate the machine


  • Installation at the customer’s premises with our expert technician
  • installation process is carried out by our engineers to ensure proper operation of equipment and train the staff who will use itProvision of an instruction manual and wiring diagrams on paper and digital with all the details and illustrations for an intuitive reading.
  • Free advice on phone and emails
  • Preventive maintanance
  • Technical assistance at customer's facilities


  • Free special telephone support
  • Remote Assistance
  • Complete refurbish of machine or only part of it
  • Spare parts list with illustrations
  • Wide stock for immediate shipment of most materials


  • After years of reliable service you can decide to take advantage of the latest packaging innovations and at the same time provide your machine with a technical upgrad