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CA.VE.CO., confident of its thirty-year experience in the automatic packaging of food products in preformed trays, offers full packaging lines for pastries, biscuits and confectionery at large, designed and adapted as a function of the customer’s actual requirements as to production, quantity and hygiene as well as to available space.

The are modular systems featuring variable compositions which incorporate automatic tray unstackers, belt conveyors, channelling systems, conveyors and even tray pre-cutting and folding devices.


  • extension of the shelf-life with MAP systems
  • Reduced wrapping material costs
  • reduced maintenance costs thanks to the excellent quality of the materials used
  • aesthetics and functionality of the packaging
  • Extreme ease of use and flexibility, move from one production to another has never been so easy
  • hygiene and cleanability absolute
  • Systems that maintain value over the years