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Dairy products

confezionamento latticini




confezionamento latticini




Always attentive to needs and developments in the market, CA.VE.CO. could not fail to include among its large fleet of machines, a range entirely dedicated to the needs of producers in the dairy sector.

For this purpose, CA.VE.CO presents a series of sealing machines and lines meant to heat-seal (and even further treat) any type of milk-dairy product in preformed trays. 

Our lines are suitable for packing and proportioning products such as water, juices, melted butter, melted, grated and flaked cheese, governing liquids, rennet, milk, cream, mascarpone, yoghurt, mousse, panna cotta (cooked cream), ricotta, mozzarella in cubes, milk flakes, etc... 

All of CA.VE.CO systems:- are thoroughly washable by water jet. - possibility of tray size change to enable you to use the machine with other tray sizes and shapes. 

The E.M.I. (electrical-mechanical-hydraulic) system provides extreme linearity of movement and prevents product leakage from the tray along the line.


  • extension of the preservation period with MAP or SKIN closure
  • more or less residual O2 adjustment 
  • Minimum consumption of packaging material 
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Gas consumption constantly reduced
  • 40 years of experience in this sector and on the material used
  • Systems that maintain value over the years

Finally, special applications among which:

  • snap-on
  • proportioning in trays moving along the line
  • Vacuum heat-sealing + gas injection
  • stamping of cover with tear-tape
  • pre-cutting of trays with multiple cavities for an easier cutting.